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At Texas Stagecoach, we’ve been keeping manufactured products, from cars to oilfield equipment, beautiful for FOUR decades. Our Materials Preservation Operations Management team can help you with the right solution for your project, no matter what it is. Our experience spans land based and off-shore rig needs, and automotive industries. From rust remediation to industrial coatings that range from epoxy to powders and special products, your answer is here. We can even help

with general project management and coordination to help bring your project to success. At Texas Stagecoach, you get the full resource of our experience in and network to provide services and help you succeed in every project.


Philosophy and History

Philosophy – You produce high quality, effective equipment for your customer’s needs. The finish should reflect that quality and your pride in workmanship. Our purpose is to make your product attractive and sustainable. At Texas Stagecoach, we understand that our services are part of your finishing touches. To that end, our commitment is partnership to deliver your promise. Every job we do gets special attention to understand your delivery promise.

History – Texas Stagecoach began in 1983 as a van, truck and Suburban conversion company selling high end customization services all over the United States. Bitten by the racing bug, owner Frank Gilchrist formed alliances that led to painting car bodies, trucks and trailers on the NHRA circuit. As after- market customization demand slowed in the early 2000’s, Frank decided to close the doors at Texas Stagecoach. Frank leased out most of the 19 acre property, ultimately to oilfield equipment suppliers and manufacturers. New alliances were formed and in 2012, Frank and his brother Grant found an opportunity to help manufacturer’s with their coatings and metal preservation knowledge. Grant opened the paint shop up, initially, to serve the needs of tenants. Soon, Texas Stagecoach was growing and offering a new level of service to their select clientele. Our coatings and materials preservation business continues to grow as we partner with manufacturers to finish their product and surpass expectations of their customers. Frank is still around, and acts in advisory capacity. Most of his time is spent pursuing his first love at

Our Services


Oilfield and Industrial Coatings - At Texas Stagecoach, our seasoned team will work with you

to develop and meet rigid specifications that put your finished products at the top of their

class Our boutique approach allows us to provide you with the agility you need from a

contractor to meet tight deadlines or highly particular requirements. 

We provide expert application of:

• Inorganic Zinc Coatings - best suited for petrochemical plants, refineries and off-shore


• Epoxy Coatings - long lasting, highly protective coating resistant to water, acids and


• PolyUrethane Coatings - For particularly difficult environmental circumstances

Rust Remediation

Environmentally compromised metals are restored to clean, usable parts through a variety

of cleaning and blasting processes. Our skilled staff will determine the most appropriate and

environmentally friendly process to achieve the results you need. 

We are experienced with a variety of blast media, and also use an environmentally friendly

dip to clean rust and other corrosion.

Corrosion Control

As an exclusive applications partner of ProTxion Surface Technology, LLC products , Texas

Stagecoach provides services that give your parts an effective defense against flash rust

and other environmental threats including surface, splash zone, and subsea threats. 

From specialized coatings to protective packaging, Texas Stagecoach has you covered.


Managing Partner – Grant Gilchrist

Grant Gilchrist

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Coatings Manager – Jaime Romero


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